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Treasury Direct


Comprehensive suite of
auto-generated portfolio
reporting and performance info
at the press of a button.


Conveniently access the money
markets and see the latest
investment offers and portfolio info
on one simple dashboard.


Simple and effective deal
capture of the latest real-time
deal information for the
professional Treasury Manager.

Save Time

Keeping up-to-date with your
portfolio has never been easier,
giving you the time to focus on
other tasks.

Peace of Mind

Our top priority is the privacy
and security of your financial
information. Rest assured your
information is safe with us.


Treasury Direct is an online investment management and reporting service that provides full Treasury Management functionality and portfolio information online and available 24/7. Treasury Direct allows investors to accurately price and capture trade information on a full range of fixed interest securities including Term Deposits, Negotiable Certificates of Deposit, Floating Rate Notes, Fixed Rate Bonds, Inflation Linked Bonds and Residential Mortgage Backed Securities.

TD Dashboard offers a simple view of key information including counterparty and credit rating exposures, the latest BBSW rates and the best investment opportunities from a large range of Banks, Building Societies and Credit Unions. A comprehensive suite of reports are available at the click of a button and are downloadable in multiple formats including PDF, Microsoft Excel and Word.

All portfolios are automatically re-valued on a daily basis and bench-marked to the UBS Bank Bill Index at the end of each month.

Treasury Direct is suitable for any investor or portfolio manager that wants to do away with manual spreadsheet registers and is looking for professional level benchmark reporting.

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